“Horse Education 101”

There will be 3 Seminars in MN and all will be at Fortuna Farms in Medina ! This is your opportunity to get inside the mind of the horse and understand “both” the Raw Instinctive Behavior and the Learned Behavior !

Bilger will also cover all topics and answer all questions regarding this very willing animal! With personal “Horse Knowledge” going back to the 1960’s and learned from “real” horse and cattle men that were then in their 50’s; this knowledge spans almost 100 years of what works and what does not !!

DO NOT miss one of the three “Listen to the Horse” Seminars or take in all 3 to increase your horse knowledge beyond anything you could possibly imagine !!! Bring your veterinarians, fairiers and trainers so we can all get on the same page !


Bilger will have 4 problem horses he has never seen or dealt with and will fix them at the seminar. You don’t want to miss this! See his techniques in action!

All information is at .

Please take advantage of this “Opportunity” .

“There will be an excellent sound system and great opportunity for attendee Q & A period with a roaming microphone!”

R J Bilger Jr / Stallion Ranch / Round Table Friesian’s